Rest Day for this Mama

Today I woke up really early not feeling myself. Sinus pressure and headache and just couldn’t sleep anymore. So I got up, got my coffee and watched Greys Anatomy on Netflix. Then as everyday I text my bestie and Mami friend this: “ I am not feeling so good today but I am embracing it … Continue reading Rest Day for this Mama



I started a new book this week and it made me really think. What makes you happy? Seriously?! When we see someone we always say how are you? And the usual response is : "I’m good!" Does that mean that person is happy? Is it defined on how much you laugh a day? By the … Continue reading Happiness.

Mom Style

Before I was a mom I always had a pair of heels on. I Loved my handbags and every outfit I put on felt amazing, every time I put it all together. Then, let’s fast forward to today. I have an amazing 2.5 yr old son and a smart and sassy 15 month old daughter. … Continue reading Mom Style